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Mercedes A Class

Mercedes A Class
25 February 2019

The new A-Class range is stronger and lighter than the cars in the previous range. It is also 12cm longer, which has helped improve performance on the road. The A200 has a 1.3l turbo and the A250 has a 2.0l engine. These new engines and the lighter weight have made the cars more efficient.

All models in the range have lane-keeping assist, autonomous emergency breaking, blind spot and collision warning.

You can cleary notice a difference from the previous ranges when you get in the back of the car. There is now much more head and knee room, making a journey in the back much more comfortable than it previously was.

The base cars have two 7-inch hi-res screens, with sat nav and detailed live traffic information. The upscale cars in the A-Class range have two 10.25-inch screens. Controls on the steering-wheel let the driver make changes to the screen, or by using pads on the driver and passenger side.

Voice activation provides an ETA to a destination and can change the DAB radio on request, and is really clever when it gets used to your listening habits, and will suggest after a while that you switch to one of your favourite stations if you haven’t had it on for a while.

The A250’s engine is very impressive, achieving 224bhp. The A200 feels very smooth and goes from 0-62 in 8 seconds. Unlike the majority of diesel cars, the A180d is quiet, and feels very comfortable.

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