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Spring cleaning: don’t forget your car

Spring cleaning: don’t forget your car
08 April 2019

Spring cleaning; a traditional good clean up following winter. Don’t forget to the do the same to your car! These are six steps that will put your car in great condition and remind you of when you first got it.

  1. Remove all the rubbish from the interior, making sure you check in the boot, under the seats and all compartments.
  2. Take all mats out of the car and give them a good clean, this can be done inside your house or on the floor outside.
  3. Clean the pedals. You'll be amazed by how much can get stuck there when you’ve used them a lot, they will feel much better when you next apply them.
  4. Vaccuum the whole car, paying extra attention to down the sides of seats where you can expect to find dirt. Scrubs the carpets also to remove dirt.
  5. Use shampoo on all fabric surfaces. This can be used on the mats too.
  6. Clean all windows, interior and exterior. This really makes your car look like new.

After completing these steps, hopefully with your car feeling brand-new again, you can enjoy the start of spring however you please!

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